COA - Learn to Read the Report

Understand and learn to read the third party testing reports that we host on our website for any one to read.  We firmly value complete openness and trust. 

All of our products have a QR code on the product that take you directly to our dosage + Certificate of Analysis page so you can read the report for your batch. 

 Click this link to view a sample COA report 

Top Section

The top of the report shows the Certificate ID, what product is being tested and the exact lot / batch that is being tested.  This shows that we are being very precise about testing so you know exactly what's in the product.

Moving down, you'll see a photo of both the bottle and the product.  To the right of that is the accreditation.

Cannabinoid Profile and Potency

This area shows not only how the sample was analyzed but the results as well.  Each of the major cannabinoids is listed in the ID column.  In the Concentration column you'll see the milligrams per millimetre.  This is the important column to show how much of the cannabinoids you really are getting and how pure the product is. When a column says ND, that stands for "none detected".  In this instance, you'll see the D9-THC (Delta 9 THC is at 0.0375% weight %.  Because there is THC, it is a full spectrum tincture, but it is legal because it is under 0.3%.  Notice on this report, our tincture has 8x less THC than what is federally legal. 

Terpene Profile
This section is prevalent on some of our COA's but not all.  Normally, you'll see a terpene report on tinctures that are full spectrum.  The paragraph at the top walks you through the testing that was done in order to identify the different terpenes present in the product.  So what are terpenes?  The short answer is that a terpene is a compound made by many plants and some insects that often gives off a strong scent. Pine trees give off the terpene linene.  Orange peels give off limonene.  Typically, terpenes are a natural deterrent or an attractor for plants or animals.  Terpenes can help you feel relaxed or more calm.  Essentially, it is natural "aromatherapy".